The Collective


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Our Backgrounds

Ever since most of us could hold a pencil, we have loved to create. Our favorite time of the day in school was always art class and when we weren't there physically, our minds were. While some of us studied art at university, a few of us are self-taught. 

Our Mediums

We use many different mediums, such as, clay, acrylics, and pastels. Some of us love to mix mediums. We believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to our artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. 

Our Inspirations

Many of us enjoy hiking, traveling, gardening, and spending time with our animals and our families. Many of our pieces are directly influenced by nature, wildlife, people, and our wild imaginations as evidenced in our work. 

Our Creators

--Si Black is a  self-taught artist, Si has enjoyed experimenting with all forms of art since childhood. Si specializes in graphic pencil drawings and two original art forms: Powdering and Animae Figuratives.

--Rubinrot is a self-taught artist, who is a huge fan of graphic novels and anime. The love of this unique style of art has led to a career specializing in caricatures, anime, cartoons, tattoo design, and T-shirt design.

--Beibīburū is a traditionally taught artist and is able to mimic most styles of art. Specializing in pencil drawings and painting, Beibīburū loves working on animal portraits.

--Té Verde enjoys creating non-objective art and abstract art styles, specializing in graphic, logo, and T-shirt designs. The emotional reactions evoked by abstract or non-objective art is what first drew Té Verde toward this style of art. Confusion, anger, and people who think the form is nonsense are the very reasons Té Verde loves this art style because the true skill is in the vision of the artist and how they communicate through the works they produce.

--Smaragdine enjoys the traditional forms of sculpture, such as lithic art, as well as the development of new sculptural tools and technology using a huge variety of new materials, techniques and spatial schemes of reference. In addition, Smaragdine enjoys experimenting with different tools and materials, allowing for the continual evolution of what we think of as sculpture, redefining the art form every day.

-- Silver specializes in many forms of writing, including wedding vowels, speeches, articles, content writing, editing, and currently writes for several blogs, as well as, an online magazine.

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